The world has a new normal. It is a new normal... says every site, every hashtagged post that is there on social media. The world is adapting to a new way of living. Every sector, every industry, every individual is adapting to the new normal. Old ways, old paradigms, old conventional methods that once worked, no longer hold good.

The world has made a shift. And the change is here to stay.

The past weeks and months have seen massive meltdowns for people and businesses alike. With a multitude of offices closing down or reducing staff to sustain the business and stay afloat, the foremost for anyone is to survive in a highly volatile uncertain scenario.

Whereas most of the world went down south, there were a couple of individuals & businesses that actually saw an upward graph. The past few weeks also saw the launch of many new entrepreneurs as there was distant or no possibility of going back on the ‘job’.

People anxious about their careers and future took to walking the new path of being their own employers, starting ventures to emerge victorious in the face of the catastrophe. This has brought the spotlight back to equipping & skilling oneself enough to tide through the tempest waters.

“Becoming a Skillionaire is Your New Survival Kit”

Take technology as an example. As tech is getting more and more complex, trends keep shifting & the world becoming literally virtual; increasing the demand for new and diverse skills. Individuals smart enough, pursue these trends by taking up technical-vocational courses that skill them to capitalize on the situation and come out on top as industry experts.

Given the fact that many newer sectors are increasingly coming to be, growing & modernizing, and in the process are creating a pool of well-paying lucrative permanent or freelance jobs for those with the required expertise, there are not many skilled people available to execute them.

Another example is the Food Industry which has always been the biggest and the fastest growing industry in the world. All the 4 and 5-star hotels are and will always be on the hunt for fresh, young, and talented chefs to sustain their growth in the market. There will always be demand for new concepts and newer tastes as people are willing to experiment and try out different foods & cuisines.

The Educational Scene

Education is also part of the big wave of change that we are witnessing today. Though it would not be completely wrong to say that the momentum had built up even before Covid struck; but now it is inevitable.

For youngsters just out of high school – the choice now is whether to pursue a formal college degree or take up skill-based learning that will give them a quick start at launching their careers. Every so often we come across families that have one or more children not interested in regular studies (read academically inclined) and would rather pick up a bat, a spoon, a hammer, or be involved in anything that isn’t remotely related to textbook studies and exams.

This is finding acceptance too in a world that was previously driven and consumed with the thought that success was defined only by the number of degrees that were added behind your name.

3 Proofs that an “Esteemed College Degree” is Not the Only Path to Professional Success

  • Let us be reminded that before Schools & Colleges made their first appearance, we lived in a society that had people using their skills they were prolific with, and doing what they did best
  • It was not until the advent of schools and colleges that more emphasis was laid on academic subjects as against hands-on training and thereby shifting the focus from getting an individual ready for work to getting an individual ready for a degree
  • This City & Guilds vocational rich list showcasing UK’s top 100 “Skillionaires” (people who have made millions, not out of college degrees, but by honing and pursuing skills that they were passionate about) is worth a read.

If you are a student, start your career by making the right choice. A college degree is not the only path to salvation. Or even if you have been previously working, having a job is no longer security that it will last forever.

What one needs even if one has a college degree is a skill-based learning program that gives one the practical exposure as opposed to conventional textbook learning alone. The Vocational Training Programs are well worth the benefits they bring now, and 5 to 10 years down the line in the industry.

If you love cooking, The International Centre for Culinary Arts, Dubai, is one such centre that delivers World-Class Culinary Experience to its Students coming in from World-Over, trains them in its State of the Art Facility and gets them a job placement in 4 & 5 Star Hotels in the region!


Start your career by jumping-in, getting exposure, and gaining hands-on experience in the industry through the internationally recognised Professional Diploma Program at the ICCA Dubai.


Your Safety and Wellbeing, Assured

The proactiveness of the UAE's leadership in the management of the COVID-19 crisis has resulted in the absolute containment of the pandemic in the country, along with the top of the line facilities offered, making it one of the safest countries in the world to live in during these uncertain times.

Your safety and wellbeing is paramount for us. Hence, we at the ICCA Dubai have enforced all the COVID-19 prevention & precautionary measures and protocols in line with the latest directives from the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), Government of Dubai, and here are some of the standard practices that are strictly followed at the ICCA Dubai on a daily basis -

  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Social Distancing Norms
  • Personal Protective Equipment such as Masks, Gloves, and Facial Visors, and Hygiene practices are strictly enforced and monitored for everyone’s safety.
  • The Disinfection of premises

As the fear of COVID recedes and life bounces back, we are here to make sure you are safe, secure, and confident as you embark on your culinary learning journey.