While the ongoing world crisis has brought out everybody's worst fears, it has also churned out an increasing number of home bakers which many didn't even know about.

The lockdown and social distancing have spawned a new generation of home bakers, and everyone you see is either baking bread or whipping up desserts and baked goodies.

Which started as a coping mechanism with the quarantine blues that has engulfed millions across the globe, the baking trend took over the internet in no time turning the social media into a mini Masterchef competition field.

Bread and sugar are two staples for people that act as a warm hug when you most need them, and that is the very reason why the art of baking, which was earlier reserved to the professionals has turned people to bake their own batch of comfort food during the lockdown.

As much as this newfound interest helped many to keep their calm during such uncertain times it also helped some find a new passion which could even lead to a successful career path during this unprecedented crisis that has proven to be a threat for many on both personal and professional level.

Whether it’s a newly discovered passion or something that you have had in your mind for a while, the timing couldn’t be any more perfect to wear your baker's hat and pursue what you absolutely love to do! Yes, there is a New Normal now and things are not the same, especially in the food industry but you can still do what you want to if you are willing to take the dive to do things differently.

Having said that, it’s important to mention that Restaurants are going to take some time to get back in the game, and that is where homemade food enterprises are going to boom more than ever.  Previously, a dine-in option was one of the key options to consider when it came to the food business. Although this option is always going to make a comeback with a bang at a later stage, today, we need to look into alternative options to sell your goodies that are relatively affordable in setup, have lower overheads, safe and quality products to acquire the business and relatively safer bet as an investment into the food business. And, at the moment ‘homemade’ and ‘delivery kitchen concept’ is the way to go about it.

Above all, when you have the virtual world at your dispense to make things happen in reality, all you need to be armed with is your passion and the right knowledge to execute the idea successfully.

However, keep in mind that having a passion without a vision is not going to take you places. Taking the right action at the right time is the very first step towards any achievement. There are four important factors when it comes to success - Passion, Vision, Action, and Knowledge. It is important to understand and accept these key points and keep them together because missing any one of these could result in not giving you the desired outcome when cooking a recipe for success.

Speaking of success mantras, it is the gospel truth that knowledge is one of the most powerful factors that give base & shape to your dreams and visions, and it is not any different when it comes to home-based food entrepreneurship as well. Although you’re planning to do it all from the comfort of your home, having a recognized qualification could be a real game-changer for you. Mind you, there will be competitors. Constant improvement of your knowledge and skills is the way to career enhancement and sustenance in the kitchen.

If you’re thinking where to start your culinary journey from, find the right culinary training institute that has all the requirements in place to help mould you into a chef to give a jump start to your career.

The International Centre for Culinary Arts – ICCA Dubai, the finest culinary school in the Middle East and ranked amongst the top 10 culinary schools in the world is one such school that will equip you with the right knowledge and hands-on experience you would need, to run the kitchen like a boss!

Learn more about the ICCA Professional Culinary Training Programs here. 

If you are still in doubt, understand that food is not a fad; it’s a necessity for our physical and emotional well being and no matter how bad the industry gets affected by external factors it will always bounce back. Therefore, even in the current scenario, there is absolutely nothing more promising than starting a food business from the comfort and safety of your home if you have the zeal for it.

Coming to the job satisfaction aspect,  following your passion gives you a sense of purpose and adds meaning to your life. It does not just keep you happy & satisfied; work will never feel like work to you. In fact, when you have a passion for it, even work becomes play and sets you onto the path of success and eventually fills your life with happiness and satisfaction.

Even though currently, hospitality has been affected due to the pandemic, food has grown to become a Multi-Trillion Dollar Industry and it is only expected to grow further even if it has to adapt to the new norms. What most people who love baking or are passionate about patisserie (pastry) fail to realize, is the fact that you can make a professional career out of it!

Life is Short, Pursue Your Passion!

With the current situation, this is one thing, without doubt, we all can agree to. If you don’t have the love and passion for what you do, the drive that you have slowly starts to fade away over time and you eventually end up losing the spark in life. We are physically here in this world only for a brief period and so, it is just ‘not okay’ to settle down for anything less.

Thoughts don’t come overnight. In fact, they have probably been there for some time now kindling in your subconscious, smouldering and brewing. The good news is that it is never too late to follow your passion! Especially, when you have a passion for baking.

Baking for Life

Baking is very different from cooking, from the way it is made to the way it looks to the way it smells. From the process of measuring, sifting, stirring, and waiting for the dough to rise, to its baking in the oven to slowly filling the house with saturated scents of butter and flour.

While baking actually can be an adventure full of experiments and magic to some, to others it is a way of using delicious cakes to make loved ones happy. And, if looked at from a career point of view, if food stirs you up and the kitchen is your favourite place, then you need to take it to the next level.

Because if you already know what brings out the creative devil in you, then what is the point in beating around the bush? It is time for you to stop sitting around waiting for things to happen and start changing things for yourself. You ought to follow your passion because you deserve nothing less!

From mixing the ingredients to pulling the perfectly golden dough on the pans out of the oven, it’s not just baking; it’s a way of life.

Check out a real story of a Foodpreneur at the ICCA Dubai, Malavika Raghavan. This is her journey from an aspiring entrepreneur to a successful business owner!




Do you feel inspired by Malavika's story and wish to start your journey? Then this is your chance to equip yourself with the right set of hands-on skills and knowledge!


Your Safety and Wellbeing, Assured

The proactiveness of the UAE's leadership in the management of the COVID-19 crisis has resulted in the absolute containment of the pandemic in the country, along with the top of the line facilities offered, making it one of the safest countries in the world to live in during these uncertain times.

Your safety and wellbeing is paramount for us. Hence, we at the ICCA Dubai have enforced all the COVID-19 prevention & precautionary measures and protocols in line with the latest directives from the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), Government of Dubai, and here are some of the standard practices that are strictly followed at the ICCA Dubai on a daily basis -

  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Social Distancing Norms
  • Personal Protective Equipment such as Masks, Gloves, and Facial Visors, and Hygiene practices are strictly enforced and monitored for everyone’s safety.
  • The Disinfection of premises

As the fear of COVID recedes and life bounces back, we are here to make sure you are safe, secure, and confident as you embark on your culinary learning journey.