A decadent milk cake recipe showcasing a beautiful amalgamation of two classic desserts Tres Leches Cake presented in Baked Alaska style with saffron infused milk.

Recipe Card

Ingredients                                                                       Quantity
Pound cake 100 gm
For Saffron Milk
Milk 150 gm
Condensed Milk 40 gm
Saffron syrup 20 gm
Cardamom powder 3 gm
For Saffron Syrup
Water 150 gm
Sugar 60 gm
Saffron 0.5 gm
Cardamom Meringue 
Egg white 30 gm
Castor sugar 15 gm
Powdered Cardamom sugar 10 gm


Method of Preparation: 

  • Pound cake 100g , Trim to a nice even sized square shape.
  • Make a syrup by boiling water , mix in sugar and saffron reduce by 60% of syrup.
  • Boil Milk with cardamom , Mix in condensed milk and saffron syrup . Reduce to 60% and allow to cool down .
  • Slightly pierce down the cake allow the syrup and milk to absorb down and spoon saffron syrup and saffron milk on top. Pouring saffron syrup need to be repeated .
  • For Meringue Beat castor sugar and egg white . ideally 1 egg gives 30g egg white.
  • Once it start forming froth add in powdered cardamom sugar while beating continuously.
  • Beat till the egg white mix form a stiff peak .
  • Soak cake with more saffron milk.
  • Spoon meringue on top of the cake.
  • Run the pallet knife around the cake to give a smooth finish.
  • For flambé you may use any drinking spirit(optional) - Heat a small ladle pour whisky what we used. Once the ladle is hot enough it gets fire immediately or use lighter. Pour on top of the meringue the fire will be on till the alcohol is burned up . That will be just enough to brown the Meringue.



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