An Asian delicacy inspired seafood dish made with white fish, squids, shrimps and oyster mushrooms flavoured with coconut cream and sweet basil giving it a touch of Mediterranean flair as well.


Recipe Card

Ingredients Quantity
White fish chopped 250 gm
Squid cut in strips 250 gm
Shrimps, shelled and chopped 250 gm
Coconut cream 200 ml
Egg 2 nos
Thai red chilli 3 pcs
Polenta 80 gm
Fish sauce 3 tsp
Sweet basil 5 pcs
Coriander sprig 5
Coconut milk 100 ml
Oyster mushroom 4 pcs
For Spicy Paste  
Dried chillies 5 nos
Garlic cloves 4 nos
Galangal sliced 1 tbsp
Black peppercorn 1 tsp
Baby shallots 2 nos
Coriander chopped 3 tsp
Rock salt ½ tsp
Toasted coconut shaving  
Banana leaves for the parcel  


Method of Preparation:

  • Soak dry chillies in water. Make a paste with chillies and rest of ingredients in a mortar or blender.
  • Heat coconut cream, add polenta and cook to a thick consistency.
  • Combine coconut milk with spicy paste, chilli and herbs. Reserve some for the sauce.
  • Add egg and combine the mixture together.
  • Add to the polenta mix, combine and cook for 2 min
  • Make parcels with banana leaf in a mould and fill the mixture into it.
  • Reduce the reserved coconut spicy paste mix to a thick sauce.


Chef Praveen Gopinath

Praveen is a culinary professional with well over 20 years of hands-on experience in the industry, who moved up the career ladder all the way from a Commis Chef level to Head Chef. 

During his career, he has worked with several talented chefs that have helped him climb the

brigade. Holding a Diploma in Hotel Management and Catering Technology from India as well as AH & LA, United States of America, he started his career with the Metropolitan Dubai back in the year 2000.

He then moved on to the Cruise Line Industry with Oceania Cruise Lines, where he further moved up the brigade as Sous Chef and then as the Head Chef in the Hotels & Resorts.

Praveen also holds an extensive experience of over 11 years in the Airline Catering Industry with Ethihad Airways, right before joining Team ICCA as a Chef Instructor where he now imparts his knowledge and experiences from his long career to the young chefs passionate about joining the industry.