Eggtravaganza! That’s what you get when you put the egg to perform myriad culinary tasks with barely a notice. With impressively palatable and health credentials, the humble egg has time and again proved its versatility as a kitchen staple. An intriguing story behind it goes to school chefs, who used to ask new recruits to make an omelette—a deceptively difficult task that can tell you a great deal about a new chef's technical ability and attention to detail.

If packed with flavours and innovation, the egg can be so mind-blowingly rich and is vital to a number of classic recipes. It can be used to prepare pasta, meringues, soufflés, and custards; from pancakes to pies; to bake cakes, cookies and glaze bread; to whisk sauces and whip up mayonnaise; from simple sandwiches to lush gravies; even to glue things together. It's that versatility, both in the number of dishes that you can conjure up and the number of ways you get there, that makes them so appealing and interesting.

Speaking of the healthier side of things, research has shown that eggs are among the most nutritious foods on the planet, containing a little bit of almost every nutrient we need. Omega-3 enriched and/or pastured eggs are even healthier. Besides being a very good source of inexpensive, high-quality protein with all the essential amino acids in the right ratios. It is also an anti-oxidant and contrary to belief also promotes heart health. Eggs contain Choline – an important nutrient that many people do not get enough of.  It is used to build cell membranes and has a role in producing signalling molecules in the brain, along with various other functions. Eggs are highly fulfilling and tend to make you eat fewer calories, helping you to even lose weight.

Even though we have been preparing them for decades, there are still plenty of creative ways you will discover if you get innovative. Carefully transforming an egg into a spectacular and out of the box dish speaks volumes about a chef’s skill and culinary versatility. With some experimentation, practice, and really valuable insights from the experts at ICCA Dubai, you can up your egg game.