Are you a coffee person? Is it the unreeling aroma of freshly brewed coffee that defines a perfect beginning to your day? Do you feel the unique bitter taste of coffee irresistible to your senses? If yes is your answer to at least one of the above questions, then undoubtedly, your barista plays a very important role in making your day. On several lazy mornings and brain-dead afternoons, this barista person has come to your rescue serving the liquid energy booster that your body has longed for, in the form of Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte, Iced, and all possible caffeinated concoction of this potent drink.

Coffee is an extremely popular choice of drink around the world.  A majority of us start and end our days with a nice steaming cup of coffee. Many a time I have wondered why people, including me, addictively enjoy coffee. Is it because of the energy boost that caffeine provides us, or just the fact that it’s an instant mood enhancer? Whatever the reason, the use of coffee has reached a point where its priority has gone much beyond it being just a beverage.

Making coffee is no more considered as a layman’s job. It is a combination of art and techniques. Coffee is a big deal in itself when it comes to the professional level. People are serious about their choice of taste when they pick their coffee. This is where a barista proves their distinction in the world of coffee.

Like in any other field, it is with a considerable amount of knowledge & skills and practices that a person becomes a barista or simply put, a Pro in coffee. You wouldn’t believe how many lab tests and experimentation a coffee bean might have gone through before it gets categorized as speciality. When a barista tastes a cup of coffee, he/she will taste it more knowledgeably soaking their senses in its distinct flavour and aroma. They don’t just taste the coffee, they feel and inhale the freshness of the beans, the perfection in its roasting & brewing, the robust flavour of naturally processed beans and much more.

Coffee is not limited to being just a beverage but is a big deal in the world of culinary as well. It is a popular taste enhancer and flavour used in desserts, cakes, salad dressings and even in meat marination. It is such a versatile bean that its characteristics can be altered from extreme bitterness to the mellow sweetness that can satisfy all the ends of the palate.

The best part about coffee is, it is not only flavourful but has many health benefits also. Taking these characteristics into account coffee remains by far one of the best discoveries in the world.

If you’re passionate about coffee and are intrigued by the world of Baristas, the Barista Program at ICCA Dubai will give you an insight into what speciality coffee is all about, from seed to cup, including the business aspects around setting up your very own cafe!

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