Christmas is around the corner!

Since the month of December has begun, we have been seeing a lot of festive preps going on everywhere which include preps for the festive feast as well. When it comes to Christmas meal preparations, Fruit Cake is an inevitable part of the season and so is the Christmas cake mixing ceremony.

Cake mixing is one of the most awaited traditional rituals of Christian households and hotels or cafes that marks the onset Christmas season. Apart from the fact that mixing dry fruits ahead of time brings richness to the cake, there is another significant factor why it has always been conducted as a huge ceremony.

When we go back to the history of cake-mixing, it says it marked the arrival of the harvest season. During those days a lot of fruits and nuts were harvested in the harvest season and these seasonal fruits & nuts used to go into the preparation of the traditional Christmas fruit cake. They used to save up the mix for the coming year as well in the belief that it would bring another abundant year.

This ceremony later became a family affair for everyone where the whole family gets together and soak the harvested fruits in wine or rum that are dried and stored soon after the harvest. This is the same practice that we see today in all the hotels, restaurants and bakeries where all the kitchen staff members come together regardless of their designations for the cake mixing ceremony to create a festive mood with much warmth & compassion.

Although the cake mixing ceremony is a warm-up to the festive holiday season, it does much more than just that. Today, the age-old ceremony of cake mixing is seen more of an occasion for social gathering and pre-celebration to Christmas which starts a few months before Christmas and the winter festivities.

For some, it is some quality time to spend with family, and for others, it's a bonding time with their friends and relatives. Even the kids find it a fun job to help their mommies and to feel they have also contributed to the preparations. In the pastry industry, this ritual marks the beginning of a very busy season for the bakers.

Preparing for a celebration is truly an event where people bond with each other especially in the hospitality industry where all the employees come together to celebrate the season by performing this ritual of pouring and mixing of dry fruits with much enthusiasm and fun.

Such age-old practices and rituals are what cuisines and food traditions are made of. And, the best way to know your food better is to know the traditions and techniques behind such classics by joining cooking classes and learn from the experts and professionals in the industry. 

Learn more about baking & patisserie and create your own food traditions at home to make your festive seasons and special occasions memorable.