Each student that comes to ICCA has a story to tell. Be it the love of food, or passion for cooking. Dreams fulfilled or aspirations built up, the journey is unique just as the person telling it is. Some have a natural calling to the profession, for others, it is a complete change of tracks as they discover that they are happiest when they are in the kitchen creating something that they are proud of.

I bring to you one such story of a lady who followed her heart to the ovens. Rashmi Motwani in her own words:

What got you into Baking?

Rashmi: The smell of freshly baked cake has always filled my heart with a feeling of utmost happiness. While pursuing my MBA or while working in a software firm I never thought I would get into baking.

During my free time, I used to look at various baking videos online and wondered if I would be able to make something similar. This curiosity dragged me into the kitchen and voila! Here was my first cake. Surprisingly it was pretty good! And since then I started baking on and off for my family.

What prompted you to take up a Professional Program in Baking?

Rashmi: I was baking as a hobby, but it was always a very scary feeling that I had about the final outcome. Finally, on my husband’s advice, I decided to go through a training program where I could learn more about baking and sharpen my skills.

I saw ICCA’s website and went through student’s testimonials. I also went through their pictures on Facebook. I could see the relaxed environment and high quality learning infrastructure. And I was right about both.

Can you tell us about your Experience at ICCA?

Rashmi: I joined my certificate course in patisserie and was really excited about this new journey. This course lasted for a month and it was truly the most exciting month of my life. I was a student again. It was the first time I worked in a professional kitchen. I had an opportunity to gain from the experience of chefs from across the world. I had a chance to make new friends, meet new people and learn new things. The best part about my course was that we were not asked to blindly follow a recipe and make our dish. We were taught the importance of each and every ingredient and it was explained to us in detail. Our basics were made very clear. This brought a different level of confidence in me.

What followed next?

Rashmi: I always wanted to get into some kind of business and my course at ICCA gave me a direction. I started a home-based bakery, and named it ‘Dessert in Desert’. Thanks to my clear concepts of bakery I actually started getting amazing reviews from my customers. But I didn’t want to stop learning yet and thought I should get on to the next level now. So I enrolled myself in ICCA’s sugar flower course.

How was the Sugar Flower course for you?

Rashmi: Chef Nasarene made sure we learnt even the smallest trick there is about sugar flowers. She made sure we knew how to make full utilization of our available resources. She made me turn around a ball of sugar paste into a beautiful and breathtaking form. Eventually, I learned more about attention to detail. I realized how even the smallest detail can make a huge difference to your final product.

You have participated in The Nestlé competition too. What is it about?

Rashmi: Yes, I did; an opportunity that I got at ICCA. Every year Nestlé the giant food company organises a competition to promote its products. What I made was a Jasmine Green Tea Creme Brulee with Black Sesame Macarons and Green Tea Caviar. The Chefs here helped me prepare for it.

Your Last Word..

Rashmi: ICCA has not only helped me in building my career but also improved my baking and teamwork skills. I feel I am more confident and more informed than most of the home bakers I know. I am really grateful to everyone at ICCA.