When it comes to Italian Cuisine, there’s nothing more authentic and traditional than fresh pasta. Even if it’s a simple preparation, the feel and flavour fresh pasta give are as delightful as any other fancy meal. Not to mention the firm and toothsome bite with the rich & fresh flavour of eggs that makes it irresistible. Pasta when paired with bruschetta, is a perfect choice for those special dinner nights. It’s nothing but the simplicity & freshness of the flavours along with a personal touch that makes this meal so special and wholesome...

Eggs are all you need to make that soft and pliable dough.

eggs and dough


It has only been the sheeting process of the dough so far and it’s already looking beautiful.

sheeting the dough

Look at those thin and playful ribbons of dough!

rolling pasta ribbons


Dusting the dough  has never been so much fun to watch.

Dusting the dough


All dolled up to get cooked. 
ready to cook dough


And, voila! – They call me Fettuccine now. fettuccine


It’s the harmony of simple ingredients that define the flavour of the fresh pasta. pasta ingredients

pasta ingredients - onion and garlic


Tossing it with the simplest of ingredients is enough to make fresh pasta irresistible.

tossing pasta ingredients


How can anyone resist that warm and luscious fork of fresh pasta cooked with mushroom and spinach in a dash of cream?

pasta with mushroom and spinach


A nice and rustic Italian or sourdough bread is the key to a good Bruschetta. Bruschetta

bruschetta bread-1


Cheese has melted just slightly, oozing over the tomatoes.

tomata and cheese


A few drops of olive oil, a good sprinkle of chopped fresh Basil leaves and the deliciously fresh Bruschetta are ready.

drizzling olive oil

drizzling oil