Life is all about choices. Every day one has to make choices. From the simple things like choosing what time to wake up, what to have for breakfast, what clothes to wear… to the complex choices that we sometimes have to make that will determine the course of our life ahead, like what career to pursue or the choice of a life-partner.

While the simpler choices we make are more instinctive and does not much affect the rhythm of our life; it is the tough choices that we sometimes are faced with that alters the sequence of our life events following our decision. It is rightly said that a decision can change your destiny.

When at crossroads, the decision to not do anything is also a choice we make, which will ultimately determine the quality of our life. Let’s say you have a career in an industry and a job that you do not like. Now you have two choices, either to continue working in the same field and working on a job that brings you no joy, or the choice of changing your job and the industry to one which would bring you much happiness. The first step to your new life is deciding that you need that change.

Are you someone who is at a similar crossroad and have made the decision to steer the course and take up a different job, either in the same industry or a different one?


You have made a brave move. Decisions are sometimes not all that easy, but as long as you remain committed and congruent to what feels right, you have presented yourself with a totally different life.

What follows will be deciding what is that you want to take up next. The best choice here will be considering a career that is closest to your likes. Look for an industry/ career that provides you with lucrative options within its spectrum in harmony with what you like.

Let’s consider the Food Industry as an alternative. Now, this is one of the largest employing & fastest growing industry in terms of volumes & variety. The one industry that never slows down as food is the one basic human need we all have. Also very rewarding as within the food industry there are some very interesting & creative options that keep monotony and boredom at bay.

Then again, before you make the switch to a new career you need to first equip yourself with some basic knowledge and the skills that will help you get a job quicker and also make you astute & sharp at your chosen field.

For a career in the food industry, your best bet would be to take up a course in Culinary Arts and learn about food at close quarters. From here you can foray into either a traditional or a unique career in the industry.

If you are more scientifically inclined then Food processing, manufacturing & food technology could be your forte; or having a creative streak you could be a chef, a pastry artist, an artisan in bread making; or if you have the management acumen you could well take up the position of a Restaurant or F&B administrator/ manager.

The choices don’t end here – you could be a food blogger or a critic, food stylist or a food photographer, a PR person, a research chef, also a show-host if you love to face the camera and who knows you could soon be hosting your own show. You could even become a social media influencer if you strut your stuff enough or have a successful Youtube channel all whilst working on a job that excites you … the possibilities are varied and simply many.

This is one industry that provides a quick career progression and with the advantage of having a skill that is versatile and transferrable. For example, many great chefs have begun their careers taking up a job as a line-cook and have in a span of few years risen to the position of Executive Chefs. Achieving the position or even before, they have a choice of either growing more to take up the role of Culinary Directors, F&B Managers, or make a switch to other culinary related fields like educators, food photographers, writers & authors, researchers or even creating their own unique niche products depending on their ingrained interests.

Now that you have made the choice of changing careers and an informed decision on what you need to do next, it is time to get into action mode and implement it. For what good then is a choice and decision if it takes you nowhere. It is said that man is the maker of his destiny and rightly so.

More power to you as you get on your way to a different tomorrow!!