HOLD... You need to stop in your tracks right now!!

I am talking to the ones who recognize and are aware that they need to switch to a healthier lifestyle because doing so will not only help improve your overall well-being and make you feel good, it will also help in changing your mind-set & attitudes as well. That will eventually lead you to success in all other areas of your life too.

For those who are already on the right path or those who still feel that changing habits & behaviors to accommodate a healthier lifestyle is unessential and you don’t need to alter a thing & are happy the way things are… you can give this read a miss.

'Health is Wealth' is what we have been learning since our school days and rightly so. A day in bed with the flu, the energy drain on account of the loosies, the uncomfortable feeling that comes with any form of ailment gives the best of us sleepless nights and a low sinking temperament until we start getting better again.

All said, we also know that health is not something that can be bought off a shelf. It has to be earned through making a choice of a healthy lifestyle.

What makes up a healthy lifestyle then? And let me remind you again, a healthy lifestyle encompasses wellness of body, mind and soul.

To broadly list a few important things:

  • A positive mental make-up & consciously purging negativity
  • Exercise or an Activity
  • Meditation
  • Giving-up on habits like smoking, alcohol, etc.
  • Good & adequate sleep
  • Hygiene
  • A balanced & nutritious diet

Whilst points 1-6 is something that is totally in our control, when it comes to the food that we eat, it is scary because what we consume though our choice, is not something that is entirely 100% how it should be. Let me elaborate on this one.

Today we are spoilt for choice with the variety of ready-to-eat meals, frozen & canned foods, fast-food, processed foods that make even unseasonal fruits and vegetables available to us round the year. Processed foods as we know come with added preservatives and most of the nutritional value of the food is lost in the making of it.

Not a very healthy choice we know, but the convenience of it all and the time saved makes us ignore the health aspects of the things we consume.

Moreover even the fruits and vegetables we buy in the local stores or supermarkets are laced with pesticides that make their way in our bodies when we consume them. Choose organic produce as much as possible that promise a reduced or nil amount of toxic substances used in the production.

Then again an important thing to note is that not all foodstuffs marked as ‘Organic’ are healthy. Anything that is sold packaged even if marked as ‘Organic’ is processed in some way to increase its shelf life and the profits for the manufacturer.

Organic simply means that the company has met or complied with certain criteria set by the Food Regulation Authorities of the country or state.

The best way to eat healthy is to prepare our own meals. That way we know and have total control on what goes into it and also the manner in which we prepare it. Home-made food is blah and boring is so not true. You can indulge yourself at home with pizza, buns & croissants, coffee, chocolates (which everyone seems to love so much) or even accompaniments such as sauces and spreads which are usually store bought.

None of these are unhealthy if made the right way at home, sourcing the right ingredients and consumed in moderation. You will see & feel the difference in your body, and realize that homemade foods are way better than the ones bought-off a shelf.

You are what you eat. Period.

An occasional treat out with family and friends is alright as we can go easy on ourselves & have a few cheat days if we have been consistent with our plan of eating healthy on all other days. A healthy mind & body is the most precious gift that has been bestowed on us.

It is our duty and obligation to our own selves to not abuse this offering and use it to live our time on this planet in the best manner possible.

We all deserve a happy healthy fulfilling life, but it is not served on a platter. We need to make some healthy choices and then work towards it.

On your marks, get set and go!!!

We have done the research and made a slideshow for you on 'Recipes of the 5 Most Common Store Bought Food Accompaniments' for a much healthier addition to your diet.


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