When you go out for a weekend brunch or a dinner date with your loved ones, food is not the only factor that matters to most for a perfect outing after a long week of hard work. As much as the food or cuisine is important, the aesthetic appeal of the eatery you choose to go to also plays a big role in enhancing your overall dining out experience. This is a well-known fact among the customers as well as the restaurants, so as picky as you get to select a perfect eat out place, the best in the business also maintain their distinct ideas while trying to do the dine-in place tastefully.

If you notice the decors, you will see how carefully they have incorporated different styles such as local tastes in a contemporary background, international influences and some elegantly traditional decors that remind you of the bygone days, depending on what kind of food they serve. Just like the food trends, restaurant décor trends also, either keep shifting or some remain stable to stay on par with our progressive minds.

1. Conceptual Designs

Culinary Trends - Conceptual Designs

Among the recent trends, theme-based designs have been in vogue for some time now. Today, while planning the interiors, restaurateurs take much interest in telling a story through their decors. This not only delivers a much-customized feel but is also very inviting and energizing. You will see this kind of designs mostly in cafes or casual restaurants.

2. Boho Chic and Artisan Tiles

Culinary Trends - Boho Chic and Artisan Tiles

Then there was this time when everyone was obsessed with Edison bulbs, barn wood and industrial chic designs that were on a metallically darker and heavier side which has become old news now. People are now looking for the light & bright fresh look that gives a boho-chic look and feel. And this growing taste has set a trend in bringing the tiles out of the washrooms. Upscale restaurants have started using handmade artisan tiles to do their décors which add to the boho-chic look.

3. Going Green

Culinary Trends - Going Green

Going green is no more just environmental activism; some of the restaurants are adapting this concept to design their interiors which are in sync with their menu that screams organic, vegan and local produce.  Some prefer to go full on greenhouse look and the majorities that prefer this look go for pretty mini gardens in every nook and corner.

4. The Stable Pastels

Culinary Trends - Stable Pastels

Now comes the turn of pastels that have been always there enhancing the beauty of pretty cupcakes in the bakeries. Pastels for bakeries have always been a classic and it never went out of style. It could be the delicacy of the baked goodies that made an all-time pastels a favourite option for bakeries. Probably following this trend, the Scandinavian colour scheme in restaurants is becoming popular which is all about the subtle colour palette. Although we have seen artisan bakeries taking rustic design tones we can’t deny the fact that pastels sure reminds us more of delicate macaroons, light & delicious pastries and beautifully designed cakes.

5. The Classic 

Culinary Trends - Classic

There is so much going on when it comes to following trends and sometimes people find it a little too overwhelming to keep a track of. Amongst all these trends we also see people going back to what they know and love. They find places comfortable that have classic or timeless interiors where they can see how it evolved with time.