We all have our passions, a dream, a desire that we are expressive about or secretly hold in our hearts. It could be something really really small or it could be something so big that it scares the daylight out of us.

Whatever that might be, however small or no matter how big, you need to take some concrete steps towards your passion or else watch them wither & wilt. The scary part – if the dreams die down, so does your zeal for life.

There is a reason why we have an ambition in life, a desire or a passion if you may call it that. These aspirations give our life its meaning, its purpose. I’d rather have a dream to lead me than live a life without direction that goes on in a mundane routine, with nothing accomplished, nothing satisfying at the end of the day.

Challenges sometimes will be a part of getting what you really crave for, but every challenge comes with a way out. Every lock has a key; you only need to find the one that unlocks the door to your dreams.

Let’s talk about being passionate about food in particular. If you want to learn more on food and want to make it a career or even take it up as a part-time business or hobby, you should consider taking up a course that hones your skills & equips you to be better at what you like to do.

A skill is better learnt the right way, as the difference is very striking when you do things the way they are meant to be.

If you have some thoughts weighing you down; let us look at the probable challenges and the possible solutions to the roadblocks, if any.

#1 – I don’t have the time. I have a very hectic schedule with work/family commitments...

no time

Solution - Look for a course that offers you weekend/part-time options instead of full-time regular cooking classes. It is easy to accommodate & follow up on a class once a week amidst our busy schedules. Things that we are keen on, do find a way in spite of the demanding agendas we have on our list of activities.

#2 – Family resistance and/or societal pressures

family pressure

Solution - If you feel so strongly about your zeal for all things culinary, you must go ahead and do what gives you the fervor and enthusiasm to be yourself. Be You, the world will eventually not only adjust but go on to acknowledge you, as well.

#3 – I do not have the means or enough resources to pay the fees...

no money

Solution - Take a study loan, look for a course that offers instalment payment options, or save up enough monies to enroll for one. If this is your burning desire then money is the easiest of worries to work around. Look for a course that is short and gets you equipped quickly so that you can start earning as soon as possible without having to wait long.

#4 – I am too old to learn or do something new...

never too old

Solution - That’s only a mindset. And that can be changed. Look around you and you will find countless inspirational men & women who have given themselves a gift of something they loved irrespective of their age. It is you who decides how old you want to be and feel. Go ahead and join the new age seniors, where age is no bar to your dreams.

#5 – Yes I’m passionate about cooking, but I’m not sure of the way ahead...

passionate about cooking

Solution - The good thing is that you don’t always need to know. The important thing is that you must take the first step towards what you like and then ways will automatically open up for you. Opportunities will present itself or you will know what exactly it is that you need to do next.

A journey always begins with a first step. You won’t get anywhere if you stay put and will always remain just where you are. And you don’t need that.

Whatever your challenge, you are actually stronger than you think you are. Don’t run away from them, run over them and you will direct yourself to a totally different life. Let your passion for cooking be the flame that lights up a whole new experience, a whole new dimension and a whole new you.

Check out the real story Malavika Raghavan, an alumnus of ICCA Dubai Professional Program and how she pursued her passion for baking and went on to become a full-time Foodpreneur!

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See you on the other side of glory!!