Not everybody wants to become an Engineer, a Doctor, or a Scientist. One can have a great career otherwise too. The key is to learn the knowledge & skills from industry experts to give yourself the right start for a greater career boost.

If hospitality is what you are looking for then what’s better than being a part of the heart of the industry, the kitchen – where beautiful and delicious culinary masterpieces are created. What if we tell you, all you need is three months of intense professional culinary training to be part of this glorious industry that never goes out of opportunities? Want to know more…Well read on!

Working in a swanky hotel, rubbing elbows with the hot shots of the industry is certainly a lovely work environment to be in. With the emergence of so many new luxury hotels happening across the globe, it is definitely time to consider a potentially life-changing career in hospitality.

Let’s explore how to successfully make it to the hospitality industry in three months and the ways your career would unfold giving you an immensely rewarding and satisfying professional experience.  Within just a period of three months of intense and hands-on professional training with industry experience and exposure, you will be ready and up for the challenge the kitchen life has to offer.

If Food is what makes you happy and the kitchen is your calling, then training in Culinary Arts in an institute that is top-notch is what you should be looking for. This will make you not only efficient but also proficient with the required skill sets.

The Career Path of a Chef

For the culinary industry, food is at the heart of everything we do as human beings. If your ambition is to carve out a successful career as a chef and claim the head chef title, you have got to be prepared to eat a lot of humble pies on your way up there.

Understand that there are no shortcuts in this profession. It begins at the base with a not-so-fancy pay and sharp adjustments to be made, which will eventually take you to a whole high of recognition, money, and position depending on whether you have it in you or not.

The general career trajectory of a chef goes as follows;

  • Commis Chef
  • Chef de Partie
  • Sous Chef
  • Head Chef & Executive Chef

As much as the glory of being a chef awaits you at the top position, it is your knowledge, passion and commitment that will pave the way for you to climb that ladder up faster. And, formal culinary training is the way to go about it!

Where do you get your culinary training from?


Look to begin at a place that is the hub of hospitality as it gives you a wider exposure and a great start, to begin with. Dubai definitely enchants as a land of Hospitality and talking of Culinary Arts, ICCA Dubai is the preferred choice for many in the industry and students alike.

ICCA Professional Program in Culinary Arts

If you are looking to start a career as a Professional Chef in the Hospitality & Restaurant Industry or wanting to set up a Food Business of international standards, this accredited and internationally-recognized Professional Diploma Program will set you on the right path.

The Professional Diploma Program is an intensive culinary training program in Cookery or Patisserie based on the Classical Continental Cuisine incorporating all basic to advanced skills & knowledge necessary for Commercial Food Production Operations.

At ICCA Dubai, the specially tailored curriculum is hands-on & intensive with application-focused and industry-centred activities that simulate actual work environment and delivered under the guidance of industry-experienced international chef instructors, certified by the City & Guilds, London.

Kick start your career by joining the program, getting exposure, and gaining hands-on experience in the industry through the internationally recognised Professional Diploma Program at ICCA Dubai.