If you are passionate about Food, professional knowledge and an internationally recognized qualification in the Culinary Arts opens doors to a foray of exciting careers in the Hospitality Industry!

Considered ‘The Hospitality Hub of the World’, Dubai is home to some of the finest Hotels & Restaurants in the World. Located in Dubai, The International Centre for Culinary Arts houses its State of the Art Facility in Dubai Knowledge Park, the World’s only Free Zone dedicated to Learning Excellence.

A key factor that contributes to the authenticity and the quality of education is the accreditations & recognitions of the programs delivered.


City & Guilds, London Approved & WorldChefs Recognized 

City & Guilds London

Recognition of Quality Culinary Education

ICCA Dubai is a City & Guilds London Approved Centre delivering City & Guilds accredited International Vocational Qualifications (IVQ) and Certifications for its bespoke programs as a City & Guilds London Accredited Centre.

Furthermore, ICCA Dubai has been awarded the “Recognition of Quality Culinary Education” by the World Association of Chefs Societies (WorldChefs).

The “Recognition of Quality Culinary Education” Award seeks to recognize Training and Education that meets or exceeds the Culinary Standards Education established by WorldChefs. The WorldChefs Recognition provides a competitive advantage and assures employers of a candidate’s quality culinary education.

If you are passionate about Food and are looking to jump into the Culinary Industry, the below listed are the various programs that the ICCA Dubai has to offer -


1. The Professional Diploma Program

career in cooking


The Accredited Professional Programs in Cookery or Patisserie (Pastry) or both, is an intensive Vocational Education Training (VET) program of 620 hours (Cookery or Pastry alone) of guided learning in Classical Continental Cuisine and industry-centred training is delivered by City & Guilds London certified trainers.

The comprehensive training curriculum focuses on the development of Food Production Skills, Product Creativity, Multitasking Abilities, Interpersonal Skills, Supervisory & Leadership Strengths that will help with students seamlessly integrate, effectively deliver and excel in the Food Industry.

After graduating from The Professional Programs, one will be eligible for The Industrial Work Experience Placement (IWEP) Program. The ICCA’s extensive network with the Hospitality Industry in the region and the Cruise Line Industry provides the students with an opportunity to launch their career in the Hospitality, Restaurant and Cruise Line Industry Internationally.

The ICCA provides coordination & support for the first IWEP Program on a ‘No Cost Basis’, for the Commis Chef (III, II or I) levels in the UAE / GCC Countries or as Assistant Cooks on Leading International Cruise Lines.

The said IWEP Process & Position are subject to the successful completion of the course program and the Aptitude, Attitude & Skills set demonstrated by the candidate at the Placement Interviews, Trade Tests and clearing the associated Age, Visa, Statutory & Medical Conditions.


2. The Amateur Certificate Program

amateur program


The Accredited Amateur Programs in Culinary Techniques are aimed to provide hands-on skills, knowledge and the confidence to create outstanding culinary creations in Cookery or Baking & Patisserie (or both).

While The Cookery Curriculum is based on Classical & Contemporary Preparations and creating varieties of Delicate Appetizers & Scrumptious Main Courses, The Patisserie Curriculum is based on an absolute focus on Detail & Technique to get the Product right from Delicate Crepes & Soufflé to Cakes and Parfaits.

Apart from learning to execute Standard Recipes, Food Safety & Safe Food Storage, this program incorporates many of the 250 essential techniques introduced in Classical Culinary Arts!


3. The Artisan Bread Program

artisan bread making


This course gives you the Knowledge, Skills and Understanding of the Techniques involved in the Art of Artisan Bread Making and teaches you the Fundamental Techniques & Knowledge to make your own style of Bread.


4. The Artisan Chocolate Program

artisan chocolate making


If learning to mould and creating your own chocolate fantasy is what you are looking for, then look no further...

From getting to know the History & Processing of Chocolate to making Truffles with Traditional & Exotic Blends to Coloring & Flavoring, this course will give you the Knowledge, Skills and Understanding of moulding your own Chocolate!


5. The Artisan Sugarcraft Program

The Sugar Craft Programs are specially designed for those interested in Creative Sugar Art Styling & Cake Decoration, as an Amateur or a Professional.



These courses incorporate a Combination of Techniques and Creative Styling, with a Professional approach, teaching intricate skills, a wide range of Presentation Techniques, Product Packaging, Business Essentials and Pricing Guidelines.


5. The Artisan Gelato Program

artisan gelato


The ICCA Carpigiani Gelato University - Dubai, is an Official International Partner Campus that delivers the complete curricula in its state of the art and full range Gelato Training Facility!

Carpigiani Gelato University - Bologna, Italy is recognized as the most prestigious Gelato School in the World for Artisan Gelato and renowned to produce the most number of Gelato Entrepreneurs, the world over.


6. The Artisan Pizza Making

artisan pizza

In collaboration with The Scuola Nazionale di Pizza, The ICCA provides courses in Artisan Pizza Production in its State of the Art Training Facility and is committed to the Professional Development of Authentic Traditional Italian Pizza Production Skills in the region.


7. The Barista Program

barista program


These programs are not only designed for aspiring professionals but also for the Coffee Enthusiasts and incorporate Comprehensive Training and Education in Barista Skills to Business Management!

Whether you aspire to pursue a career in cooking and become a Professional Chef in a 5 Star Hotel or want to get your fundamentals right as a Passionate Amateur, ranked amongst the Top 10 Culinary Schools in the World, The International Centre for Culinary Arts Dubai is your one-stop for a World-Class Culinary Experience!