Come birthdays or anniversaries or the mention of the word ‘celebration’, the party is incomplete without the perfect cake. Have you ever laid your eyes on a cake that looks too good to eat? You would rather have the pretty cake with all its fancy and eye-popping decoration sits on a shelf in the display unit in your drawing room, rather than slice a knife through it to cut it up into pieces for everyone to devour.

Welcome to the Art of Sugarcraft...The ICCA Sugarcraft Program


Sugar artistry screams versatility like nothing else! It’s a lot about mastering the art of sugar science. What one needs is a penchant for weaving magic and constantly inspiring creativity through your work. The culinary concept has a considerable influence over modern cakes and confections, with theme cakes hitting a trend with even the quirkiest experimentations. Whether it’s creating a superhero cake that can make kids squeal with awe and can be sliced up and eaten with equal delight, or an arty Christmas or wedding cake; sugar art plays an imperative role in teaching us how to balance flavours and chemistry, making sure your “cake art” tastes as delicious as it looks.

A three-dimensional cake decoration, Sugar Art has a lot do with a flair for design and having a vision. From classic and grand to fun and whimsical, reel-characters to life-like flowers to novelty, all made from sugarpaste or fondant; the combination of colour, texture and shape can only be mastered through proper guidance, training, experience and practice.

From getting the perfect icing to getting frosting right, great piping skills and going right with choosing the toppings, everything plays an integral role in making your cake look like a million-dollar masterpiece. Creating the fascinating art in making a delicate bouquet of flowers could be as much as 40-50 hours!  Painstaking work! However, the satisfaction that you experience in completing the piece d’art makes it all worthwhile!

ICCA Dubai helps you achieve the perfect sugar artistry as you garner an incredibly satisfying professional experience in it. Our experts assess your sugar artistry practices and offer a skilled demonstration of it along with personalised attention.  Because sweet dreams and happiness are made of these!