If you ask me what is that one thing that I would never get tired of eating, I would without a doubt say it's the yellow butter cake that my mum used to bake in the small portable electric oven in her kitchen!

I have always been a dessert person and was very much into all kinds of sweets, not to mention the high-end pastries with intricate designs and fancy names. However, when it came to my mum's yellow butter cake nothing else mattered to me. It was soft and simple with a divine taste and aroma that is exclusive to homemade cakes. Even on my birthdays, I preferred her cake to the store-bought fancy ones. Well, that is the thing about homemade goodies. It's simple and humble and comes with an assurance of quality.

This is not just a childhood story anymore. Today the demand for homemade foods has increased to a remarkable level. In fact, nowadays, the most sought-after food items come under the tags 'organic' and 'homemade'. We don't know whether it really makes a difference or not but for sure these labels make us feel safe and good about what we eat.

When a product says it's homemade, we believe that it will be free of additives, artificial flavors, and colors, which means it's healthy to eat. This explains the sudden boom in home-baking, home-catering and any home-based food business.

The home enterprise idea started with homemade birthday cakes. The thought of someone dedicating their time and energy to the making of a customized cake with ingredients that are hand-picked is what made the homemade cakes so special. When the cake trend picked up, people slowly started expanding their menus to different desserts, finger foods, regional specialities, pickles and eventually to a fully-fledged homemade meal. Unlike other trends that have come and gone in time, the demand for homemade food is here to stay.

The best part about home-based food business is that you may not even need a separate space to make your business work. Also, you can do it at your pace and comfort. What required is some interest and the right amount of technical knowledge in food production to run the show successfully. Your knowledge in this field could take you and your business to a whole new level. If you have what it takes to be a foodpreneur then polishing your knowledge and skills in a culinary school such as  ICCA Dubai could be your stepping stone to a new and promising career.

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