Beef is something that is relished worldwide in a variety of ways. Every region has their own take on this meat. Mostly loved as a main course, but as mentioned above it is consumed in many different ways such as appetizers, savoury fillings, and of course the bacon. How can we forget bacon? the breakfast favourite of many which is also a popular part of many desserts nowadays. This meat is a little tricky when it comes to cooking it. There are quite a few things that you would want to know before you are all set to cook some beef the next time.

Knowing your meat cuts is the key to a perfect beef dish. Most of us are not well aware of the fact that particular cuts of the meat make a beef dish perfectly cooked with adequate flavours. Some cuts are tender and some are more flavourful. But knowing the cuts alone will not help you, you should be having a clear idea about the dish you want to prepare before you decide on the cuts. Every dish is based on a specific cut, hence knowing the dish is important.

Now, when it comes to buying fresh meat, it is always good to go to a butcher shop. In almost all the supermarkets you can find a butcher shop where you can get your fresh meat along with your usual grocery shopping. Again, there is confusion remaining with most of us regarding the kind of meat to go for, out of grass-fed, organic and unlabelled. Grass-fed beef comes from the cows that were fed only grass and hay, but they would be also given other substitutes that are similar to their natural diet according to seasonal necessities that help them grow much faster. Organic beef doesn't give much information about what the cows are fed but confirms that it is not exposed to any kind of artificial pesticides, fertilizers, hormones, GMO's, or any other kind of chemical contamination.

There are several more telltale signs to look out for; nevertheless, these are a good platform for you the consumers. Remember get to know your butcher, they will also advise you on what cuts are best suited for your cooking method, after all, one could argue that your health is in their hands.